Chas Skelly | Grapple Science 002

Chas Skelly | Grapple Science 002

From Wrestling to Mixed Martial Arts

A professional MMA record of 19-3, Chas Skelly delivered dominant performances throughout his career.  With a background in wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu, he made his UFC debut with an impressive submission victory over Mirsad Bektic in 2014. Notable highlights of Skelly's UFC career include his remarkable wins against accomplished opponents such as Maximo Blanco and Chris Gruetzemacher. He is tied for second most submissions in UFC Featherweight history, has the second most submission attempts in the division and holds the record for the fastest submission achieved.

Before his MMA debut, Chas had an impressive run as a high school and collegiate wrestler. His high school record was 164-3, winning the Texas state championship during his senior year. He wrestled for Oklahoma City University where he earned All American honors and placed 7th nationally in his class. In this episode, Chas talks about growing up as a Skelly Scrapper and how he accidentally ended up in his first MMA fight.

He provides insights on topics such as fight preparation, weight cutting and his training regimen. He shares some hilarious stories including his shameless pursuit to hit a spladle in the Octagon. 

Here are a few takeaways from this discussion:

  • Focus on intense conditioning work at the outset of fight camp
  • Prioritize drilling to prepare for competition
  • Refueling after weigh cutting is a science and a process 
  • Perspectives on wrestling, bjj, and MMA
  • Favorite submissions in the Octagon