Founded by jiu jitsu black belts with a long history in combat athletics and human performance. A Navy SEAL veteran and a two-time IBJJF master’s world champion joined forces with the creator of one of the country’s most elite BJJ training facilities united by our mission to redefine sports nutrition for combat athletes. 

We realized that the grappling community was often relegated to using supplements designed for traditional bodybuilding or endurance sports – options that didn't fully meet the specific needs of grapplers, wrestlers, jiu-jitsu, and combat sport athletes. This gap in the market inspired us to create purpose-built supplements tailored for the unique demands of grappling sports.

Motivated to better serve our community, we joined forces with some of the top nutraceutical scientists in the United States. Our goal was to develop expertly crafted, healthy formulas focusing not just on effectiveness but also on safety and purity. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, all of our products at Grapple Science are third-party tested and backed by scientific research, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Our Mission

By adopting a scientific approach to wellness, our focus is on crafting products that are designed to elevate every aspect of a combat athlete’s performance, ensuring they're as mentally sharp as they are physically formidable.